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Automated Performance Testing with K6

Automated testing is running the tests and reporting results by tools with scripts. Automated performance testing is designing the performance test scenarios to run them spontaneously by tools and evaluating the result by tools to decide to go or not to go further. Automated Performance Testing is A subset of the performance test scenarios Designed to run spontaneously by tools Designed to evaluate the result by tools Designed not to break the system Having decision metrics, ex: max response time, max-average resp time, ... Designed to create reports for the concurrent and historical run What Types of Performance Testing Should be Automated Automated performance testing can be applied to all types of performance testing. However, each type needs a different level of maturity and sanity. Automated Performance Testing is Easily applied to load testing Hard to apply stress test, spike test, but have benefits Very hard to apply Soak-Endura

Basics about Performance Testing Tools

I had an opportunity to give a speech about how we can automate performance testing in CI/CD pipeline in a conference held in Istanbul for the first time " Test automation and Digital QA Submit Istanbul, #TAS19 ". My subject was "Automated Performance Testing", the first part of the speech is to explain what is performance tests and the second part is to explain performance tools, and the last section is to explain what is automated performance testing and how to implement it to CI/CD.  In this post, I want to explain my thoughts about the basics of performance testing tools. Next posts will focus on automated performance testing and using K6 as a performance testing tool. How to Evaluate Performance Testing Tools Before diving into the performance testing tools and technologies we have in the industry, we should define the criteria for evaluation. Each tool has its own advantages or disadvantages and similarity between ancestors or others. When we star