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Confusion of Using Selenium for Performance Testing

Time to time, I see some questions about integration test automation script to performance testing tool on Stackoverflow . There is a confusion about performance testing and test automation for whom newly started performance testing after doing some test automation. It is demanded that they have some automation code and want to use these scripts for performance testing to simulate user behaviour. Theoretically it seems a very good idea that tons of users are performing some cases and you are capturing the response time and finding bottle neck in terms of client side. However this is not applicable in practice because there are lots of obstacle to handle. The followings outline the obstacles and misunderstandings you will face, for the idea. I can open some browsers and simulate real user behaviour Automation scripts run over a browser, for web project. Most of the application are becoming as web app. For GUI based application what the hack test automation will have a role on pe

Mobile Application Testing Change Host to Redirect Test Environment

When you need to test the server side development via Mobile application in isolation, you can redirect the host of the API over the hosts file in the emulator. By this way, with the same application that users have, you can test the new development before passing it to live servers. Android Application I have using GenyMotion for emulating android devices. You can edit the hosts file in GenyMotion by the following commands, at the third step you need to change `hosts` file then push it emulator. adb root adb pull /etc/hosts hosts adb remount adb push hosts /system/etc See the example below, the host of the application is which is now hitting the test server. The third step is important, if you don't remount new host file can not be push to device . ~ adb root adbd is already running as root ~ adb pull /etc/hosts hosts ~ cat hosts ~ echo "" > hosts ~ cat hosts ~ adb remount remount