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Headless Miracles: Chromedriver Headless VS Chromdriver

You may have heard that we are running the cases in the headless mode so that we could accelerate the execution of the test cases.  So is this true all the time? In this post, I have a little test to compare the headless mode in Chromedriver with version 2.33 and Chromedriver. The tests were run in Windows. I am using Capybara , I have around 200 test cases written in Cucumber . Tests are running parallel with 15 execution lines. This execution is controlled by tags so we can get the execution time when a tag finished. With this way, we can compare the tag specific time differences and the total time difference. I am using the following Chromedriver instances written in env.rb  file in the project. TAGS Chrome Headless DIFF signup 90.0009999275 70.003000021 22.22% login 100.000999928 80.003000021 20.00% basket_a 120.000999928 120.003000021 0.00% order_d 160.001999855 150.003999949 6.25%