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Centralized Monitoring System for Automated Tests with Elasticsearch and Kibana

In this post, I want to give you some practical information about a monitoring system for automated tests. I will touch the following topics:
Why we need a monitoring system for automated testsWhat are the potential benefits of the monitoring systemA simple approach using the following technologies:ElasticsearchKibanaFirebase test lab, gcloud and gsutilXCTest and Espresso What is the Centralization of Log Systems In a development pipeline, we have a variety of tools and technologies with different languages and scripts. CI/CD pipeline is a good place the see the process of the development, but to get the detail of an item in the pipeline, we need to get into that item and tackle with logs and data. Some times this investigation requires some capabilities to understand it. One of the easiest ways to get a common understanding from the logs in the pipeline is using one easy tool for the whole process. When we collect all the logs and data into one place then we can sta…