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Benefits of Using Native Mobile Automation Tooling: Espresso and XCUITest

Testing will be more efficient when testers and developers work in collaboration. Especially when it comes to automated testing, we have many challenging points that should be solved with the help of the other team members. This is a basic explanation of the cross-functional team. For mobile application automated end-to-end testing, this cross-functional team approach can be easily applied by contributing the same code base so native toolings give us this. This can increase the quality of the tests code and the framework by the feedback from the developers, and increase the quality of the tests by the feedback from the testers. In this post, I want to give some idea about the benefits of using native mobile automation toolings such as Espresso and XCUITest. What is Native Tooling Native mobile automation toolings are integrated libraries to the mobile application development framework so that developers can write UI tests for the products under development. Native toolings are part o