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Quick starting to Selenium

Selenium IDE Selenium IDE is an open source test automation tool, actually a plug-in for firefox. Basically, it enables user to record a test case and replay it on firefox. However with the other features of selenium, more sophisticated works can be done by selenium. Following instructions can be followed for the installation and the use of Selenium IDE:          1. Install the latest version of Selenium IDE               >          2.  Open Selenium IDE               > Firefox > Tools >Selenium IDE          Selenium Remote Controller With the remote controller, written test scripts can be run on the different browsers. Test script can also be written in  C#, Java, PHP, Python ot Ruby so complex test cases can be written by desired programming language. Remote controller is a server prepared by Java so every time virtual apache server runs on the computer with the default port 4444. Following instructors can be

Open Source Testing Tools:

Test Automation JAutomate: Third generation test automation tool for both GUI and Web application projects. This is the first free GUI test automation tool. You can easily record automation script and customize it then replay. You can download the JAutomate here . Performance Testing Tools LoadUI: LoapUI is an open source performance testing tools for load test, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. LoadUI has a nice user interface, it is easy to use and the most atractive feature is that while it is running you can add  new performance parameters or new test case or you can change the load without stopping and you can add new indicator to the graphics. You can download from here SoapUI : SoapUI is an open source performance testing toolsfor web service performance test, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Although SoapUI is designed to test the performance of web services but we can also perform laod test by right clicking a test case and a

Browser Compatibility Testing

1. W hat is Compatibility Testing? According to the ISTQB , compatibility is an activity which independent computer systems work successfully in the same environment without affecting the other systems in the environment. In terms of testing, compatibility testing is a testing activity to ensure that after any updates in the environments the application is still work as expected. From this point of view, compatibility testing is aiming to explore the environment of the users, which should be supported by the statistical data and to find any un-expected behaviors of the application before the customers/users have such experiences. Compatibility matrix should be prepared to ensure that all the environment can be tested by desired frequency, a sample compatibility matrix can be found below:  Browser Compatibility Matrix Aim of the compatibility testing: Determining any functional or visual missing, errors or bugs of the application in the users’ environments with te