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Testing in a Dirty System (Environment)

Means by “dirty environment” If you are accustomed to work in a systematical process, understanding the meaning of “ dirty system ” may be difficult because I am such a person. However, a dirty system can be explained by this; normally traditional, agile or iterative software development methodologies has stages like analysis, development, implementation and testing; every stage has responsible so that every groups produce an output and then finally a software production is come out. As a test engineer, every output can be tested or used as inputs to test another output but if you don’t have an inputs, you will have to face a dirty system. To sum up; a dirty system is a development environment which may possibly has no requirements and/or analysis and/or reference points, lack of documentations, lack of a repeatable test process, even the programmers had already quit the job or there is no testing environment for some test cases. Also we can comment on the place of the group of testi

Test Automation

What is test automation Test automation is an activity that aims to test the most frequently used and least frequently changed parts of an application automatically. This can be done by test automation tools by the help of programming languages supported. Therefore, related test cases are written as a piece of code. Thought test automation activity is criticized under testing activity, it is a software development activity. Every change in the application should be reflected to the test automation scripts so, even the cleverest test scripts are produced, and maintenance activity comes out as problem of test automation since the application is a live object.   Test Automation Decision Table Test automation has an important role in software quality assurance. Because the needs of the sector and trend towards to test automation is getting high, there are a large number of test automation tools exist in the market, but the most famous tools c