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Repeatable Test Case Design: Escaping Flaky Behavior

Automation means repeating some steps to have some tasks done with test code. However when it comes to test automation fulfilling this meaning is not that easy because of unpredictable reasons. You may face that a case has run successfully for a period of time but it fails for without an unknown reason. Actually there is always reasons which can make test failure but it may not be possible to handle it when writing the test. This kind of test cases are called as  flaky   test cases by Google . Flaky tests are the last thing you may want in CI environment because test are writing for fast feedback not for checking accidentally failed test cases. In this post I want to explain what I have done to overcome, actually minimise the effect of flakiness. Nature Of Flakiness Most of the time flakiness cause by our own mistakes. This could be not understanding the automation frameworks deeply or could be the result of non-adequate analysing the case. The other reasons like third party t