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Mobile Test Automation: Appium with Python Client

Appium is an open source tool for mobile test automation, you can automate functional test cases for Android and iOS application. As in my some previous posts, I explained Calabash and I just used Ruby for writing test cases because Calabash only supports Ruby and as I know they have plan to support Java. However Appium doesn't have this language constriction. Since it uses Webdriver, it supports the languages which are supported by Webdriver. It means that Java, Objective-C, PHP, Python, C#, Clojure, Perl, JavaScript with Node.js and plus Ruby are supported. You just install the language client you want to test and then write your test cases. Check for the client for your favourite languages from Appium page . Install Appium: npm install -g appium Install Appium Client: npm install wd Install Python Appium Client: pip install Appium-Python-Client Ensure that you have Python installed, recommend to have 2.7 or above: python --version Ensure that you have