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Testing WEB Sevices and Automating SOAP Services

Web Services are server and client applications to interact with rest of the world over HTTP, or sometimes over SMTP. It is written for accepting requests and giving appropriate answers for each requests. It is assumed that it returns the same response if there is no changing in the request and the condition. Therefore testing and automating Web Services are very easy. You just need to know sending and receiving data and condition, then the rest of the jobs is playing with data and assertions. Information about the  Web Services  should be present in  Web Services  documentations and it should be understandable to the people from third party system.  Web applications take to the next step with the  Web Services  because you can open your system to rest of world without requiring language specific restrictions. This makes integrity of applications very easy. To be able to integrate two or more system, you just know that you are sending some data and receiving data.  I had a t

Report: The State of Mobile App Development and Testing 2014

Mobile is in everywhere. If you want to be successful in your domain you need to put your business to mobile world too. Because the trend of mobile device usage is still and is going to be increased, people want to continue to use web application with their mobile devices while they are mobile. According to Flurry , leading domain in this trend is social media like facebook, twitter, foursquare and many others; and  the other popular domains are respectively utilities, entertainment,  e-commerce, games.  By SmartBear , a report about the mobile application development and testing is published. Let's look at what SmartBear does and how to benefit from this research the we can analyze the situation. SmartBear is software company, mainly focus on software development, software quality and system management tools. They have more than 10 famous products on the market. For software quality and testing, SoapUI, LoadUI and TestComplete are well-known tools. Based on my own exper

Open Source Testing Tools:

Test Automation JAutomate: Third generation test automation tool for both GUI and Web application projects. This is the first free GUI test automation tool. You can easily record automation script and customize it then replay. You can download the JAutomate here . Performance Testing Tools LoadUI: LoapUI is an open source performance testing tools for load test, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. LoadUI has a nice user interface, it is easy to use and the most atractive feature is that while it is running you can add  new performance parameters or new test case or you can change the load without stopping and you can add new indicator to the graphics. You can download from here SoapUI : SoapUI is an open source performance testing toolsfor web service performance test, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Although SoapUI is designed to test the performance of web services but we can also perform laod test by right clicking a test case and a