Report: The State of Mobile App Development and Testing 2014

Mobile is in everywhere. If you want to be successful in your domain you need to put your business to mobile world too. Because the trend of mobile device usage is still and is going to be increased, people want to continue to use web application with their mobile devices while they are mobile. According to Flurry, leading domain in this trend is social media like facebook, twitter, foursquare and many others; and  the other popular domains are respectively utilities, entertainment,  e-commerce, games. 

By SmartBear, a report about the mobile application development and testing is published. Let's look at what SmartBear does and how to benefit from this research the we can analyze the situation. SmartBear is software company, mainly focus on software development, software quality and system management tools. They have more than 10 famous products on the market. For software quality and testing, SoapUI, LoadUI and TestComplete are well-known tools. Based on my own experinece, these tools are very effective and stable. For mobile business, SoapUI is usable testing APIs, automating regression and functional test cases. The licence of SoapUI is cheaper than $400 for a year. They also have many open-source and free tools but normally free version of the tools have limited features, you can reach complete list of tools from this link.  As a brief, SmartBear has tools for mobile application testing and the increase in mobile development and increasing trends towards mobile application quality may also increase the SmartBear revenue. Therefore this research may show the reality but, be careful, it may direct us to see what they want us to see from the mobile market.

From the report, the important points can be listed as following:
  • %30 of the application development firms develop mobile application
  • more than half of mobile application development firm started mobile application in last two years
    • it means there is trend for mobile application development
    • %84 percent of non-mobile application development firms plan to enter mobile
  • Challenge in mobile development
    • first one is the quality of products with %20
    • profit is 5th challenges with %11
      • not a real problem they may think being in mobile world is key factor, but then?
    • competition has %7
      • who is mobile world is the winner? almost there no rival but then? 
  • defect is really a problem for user
    • %19 of user delete application immediately
    • %30 wait and delete if it is not fixed
  • testing type
    • manual VS automated = %28 VS 18
    • API testing is %18
      • if the API doesn't work, then what reason to test application?
  • who test the application
    • developers and testers = %64
    • testers = %22
    • developers = %8 
      • testers can not test everything in mobile application?
      • developers also have testing responsibility such as unit test
 You can get the report from this link.


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