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Basics about Performance Testing Tools

I had an opportunity to give a speech about how we can automate performance testing in CI/CD pipeline in a conference held in Istanbul for the first time " Test automation and Digital QA Submit Istanbul, #TAS19 ". My subject was "Automated Performance Testing", the first part of the speech is to explain what is performance tests and the second part is to explain performance tools, and the last section is to explain what is automated performance testing and how to implement it to CI/CD.  In this post, I want to explain my thoughts about the basics of performance testing tools. Next posts will focus on automated performance testing and using K6 as a performance testing tool. How to Evaluate Performance Testing Tools Before diving into the performance testing tools and technologies we have in the industry, we should define the criteria for evaluation. Each tool has its own advantages or disadvantages and similarity between ancestors or others. When we star

Why Performance Test on Cloud

When a software comes to production the weakest points are mostly related to performance of the application. The reason is that most of the organization test the application functionally by testers and on acceptance testing period again the applications is under testing to check functional requirements. The missing point is non-functional testing like performance of the application.  Another failure point is testing the performance as the last level of development process. This means that any misleading failures in the service level can cause a very big problem on production stage so it requires extra source if possible and extra budget. As the terminology says "finding the big issue earlier stage of the development can reduce the fixing effort exponentially " . Therefore test the performance of the software output whenever it is ready, this could be an api end point, a function servers data to system, a web servers, and etc.  Another failure is related to technolo