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Effective Testing: Using LOGCAT for Android Testing

If you tend to use tools effectively, testing is easy and enjoyable. For mobile testing there are lots of challenges and to be honest if you don't push yourself to improve your ability as every developer does you can not test the mobile application good enough. Instead of testing mobile application manually, we can automate the stories whenever the stories are prepared by business analyst with writing cucumber files and then we can start writing the code of automation and finally we can run it when the stories are developed by developer for agile development environment. This is iteration based approach, means you can repeat this steps for each iteration. At the end of the milestone you can run your whole automation code and see the result. For the remaining time you can still test application by using Exploratory Testing techniques to find-out any bugs.  The important point is to make your job effective and efficient. For this you should automate or scripted some repetiti