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Testing Mobile Apps in the Cloud - Product Comparison

Cloud testing is raising, especially for mobile automated testing it is even going faster. Basically, cloud testing means that an application is installed on real devices or simulators/emulators that are hosted in one of the cloud testing services providers. These devices are maintained by the service providers and promise to be up and ready for service with a subscribed contract so no need to tackle these kinds of stuff for the sake of focusing on building the right product with well-tested features. In this post, I want to share some info about main mobile cloud solutions in the market.   PRODUCT PRICE SUPPORTED TOOLS AWS Device Farm Pay as you go $0.17 / DEVICE MINUTE Test on any of our devices in parallel and pay just for what you use Your first 1000 minutes are free* Unlimited testing STARTS AT $250.00 / MONTH Test as much as you want each month for a flat