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Implementation of Page-Object-Model (POM) to XCUITest (Native iOS Testing) with Swift

What is XCUITest and XCTest Xcode UI Testing is also known as XCUITest  is a huge expansion of the testing technology in the Apple platform apps like iOS.XCTest is a general testing framework, used for unit integration, network, or performance testing of Apple platform apps. With XCTest you can treat it as a xUnit type of test framework, which can be used for lower-level testing. The XCUITest framework is an extension of the XCTest framework but there are some basic differences between XCTest and XCUITest framework. XCTest framework is a completely white-box framework where you can access the data and API in your main app. XCUITest is completely black-box to your app, so you cannot access the data or API of your main app. Page Object Model (POM) The main idea behind the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern, is to create an object repository for the pages in the application, which will then be used in the tests. In other words, instead of including the p