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How to Check the CSS of an Object by Capybara with jQuery

Testing the CSS of an object is sometimes needed. If you want to check the background-color, size, clip, ... of the objects, you must control the CSS code of the element. Capybara let you check it very easily with executing javascript from console by sending command to console of the browser. There are two function that can be used for sending command to console as follows: page.evaluate_script() page.execute_script() You can send your code as below. It tries to creates members object and then adds new profiles to members . With this way we can check if metrics of is shown as described format. # from javascript add 10 more user to the community and totally there should be 11 members # check the boundary, more button should be still not exit page.execute_script("window.members = App.Communities.models[0].attributes._members") for i in 1..number.to_i page.execute_script("members.add(new App.Models.Profile({_res:'profiles.#{i}'}))") end In th

Deterministic Way of Test Automation

Test automation scripts should be simple. This doesn't mean that software product code should be complex. Actually,when everything is simple then the life will be simpler. However sometimes we need to explain something in a complex way. Most of the time, simple is difficult. There may be different reasons behind the complexity but it is clear that if we knew it clearly, we would explain it simply. Let's look at what Albert Einstein says:  "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." As the subject is how simplicity can be applied to test automation, I will focus on simple but efficient test scripts. To enable to write simple test scripts, we must clarify undefined, non-clear, dependent factors on every case/stories. This kind of approach is called as determinism in philosophy. According to the Princeton University dictionary, determinism means as:  " determinism ((philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that al