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How to Use Internet Explorer and Safari for Mobile Testing

Have you recognized that everyone is mobile! And almost everyone socialize with mobile internet (this socialization doesn't mean to have sharing with anyone close to you, it means to chat/share/discuss online with anyone far to you). Since the ratio of using mobile devices are getting increased, needs for mobile testing is also increased. Many companies have developed mobile applications and mobile website to increase their customer satisfaction and to catch up with their rivals especially in e-commerce sector. In this post, I want to share :) some information how to test mobile application with your desktop. Mobile websites/applications target mobile devices but testing everything may not be possible with your devices, or not effective! For some test case like searching, defining cookies; checking links, redirection can be tested easily with your web browsers. For example, Apple's Safari and Internet Explorer can be used for mobile testing.  Safari : you must activate t

Combinatorial Testing

Combinatorial testing is a testing technique which is applied by combining the meaningful input as test cases. This method aims to reduce the number of test cases depends on the studies, which show that combinations of one value (one-pair) test cases can detect 20% to 68% of the defects; and combinations of two values (two-pair) test cases cover 65% to 97% of defects; and the combinations of more input values have higher defect-detection-ratio. If you remember the 7-testing-princible, I will mention two of them as “Testing shows presence of defects” and “Exhaustive testing is impossible”. These items explains that when we test an application we can only say that we have found these incidents which may be defect or not, but we cannot conclude that there is no defect remains in the system since you cannot find a %100 defect free application in the real world. What is more, testing the whole system including all part of the features and every line in the code base with every integratio