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Continous Integration Definition of DONE

Continuous Integration is easy if you are ready for the definition of DONE (DoD). It is not only accepting a story as successfull after developped by a developer but it also includes a process which ends after deploying to live and ensuring that it works and does not cause a defect in the live system. Handling DONE actually means of CI. With Scrum there is always one shippable product at the end of each sprint. This shippable product has to include some new features. Definition of Done helps to Scrum to clear the definition of every stages of development, such providing checklist for discussion, estimationa and design, so it makes the user stories more understandable and applicable. 

What Definition of Done includes:

Identifying the list of acceptance criteriaDevelopmentUnit testingFuntional testingRegression testingAcceptance testingPerformance testingDeploymentDocumentationTracking DONE

Every stage can also have sub-stages, DoD should be prepeared to ensure that every step can be succe…