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An Error for Selenium - Chrome vs Firefox: stale element reference

I faced an selenium error like " stale element reference " when I changed Capybara's driver to Chrome which was not occurred in webkit and firefox. This error occurs when referencing an element which is not in DOM. Chrome gives this but it doesn't appear when I use Firefox because the dynamic object is appear after the Javascript execution finishes which means that Chrome doesn't wait until javascript execution ends .  You can escape this error by checking your scenario if there is an element requiring in the DOM which is destructed by an action in the scenario or if you have loop and the DOM is updating for each iteration the object you look for changes. However in  my case, scenario is passing with FF but not Chrome which because the Chrome is passing the next step as soon as Javascript execution starts.  I just call waiting function and then assign the variable. Finally scenario is passing for both browsers.        stale element reference: element is

Small Customisation for Capybara and Calabash

One of the biggest challenge in test automation is updating existing codes. Because of the update in the development, it is very prone to have some changes for the attributes of ui elements and less likely to have some change in behaviour in actions. The second option is most of the time called as bug, otherwise if the business is changed, it could be called as a new feature. For any reasons that cause the automation code gives failures you need to update something. Sometimes I need to refresh my mind :) For easy maintenance, one of the good approach keep your codes modular. It means that each module should responsible for one job and a update problem should be solved by applying just one change in your system. Using Capybara plus Cucumber gives you this features but if you are using them professionally. For this framework, business rules are kept on Cucumber so you can update business rules from your .feature files but related update should reflect to the code. In thi