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Using Selenium Webdriver via Internet Explorer (ie) and Chrome

As it is known Selenium IDE is an extention for Firefox browser. And the Webdriver is an application to send commands to firefox to drive it. As a default set-up, firefox comes with it for running automated test cases. However, sometimes running compatibiliy related test cases via, especially, Internet Explorer but Chrome may be needed. If you want to run your test cases via other browsers you need to do some configuration changes in your test environment. Download the webdriver of browsers for selenium web site: For Internet Explorer click here and dowload  IEDriverServer 32bit or 64bit depending on your system For Google Chrome, dowload Chronium webdriver click here   and dowload chromedriver_win Put the webdrivers to your path wich your executable files are present. It is generally like this C:\Windows\System32    You need to allow IE Driver and Chrome Driver to access your network: Allow Access to IE Driver and Chrome Driver Finally call the drivers you want to use