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Performance Testing on CI: Integration of Locust and Jenkins

It is a raising question around performance testing people that how to integrate, super hero tool, Locust to Jenkins as a step to continues integration (CI) pipeline. There have been some solutions for this but they are not simple, plus you need to write own log writer to handle this problem.  Actually there was a commit to save the result of the test but it has not been merged to Locust. With these commit we can integrate Locust to Jenkins. Update Locust This  update  is still open so you can not see it in latest Locust version yet. However you can  use this by updating your local repository, or just change two files  and  with the files in your local. For Window change the files in the following directory:  C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\locustio-0.7.3-py2.7.egga\locust\ and for Unix-base OS change the files in the following directory:  /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/locust/  Alternatively, you can clone this commit from github and instal