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Android Test Automation with Cucumber and Calabash

In my previous post I explained the Cucumber Capybara and Calabash and behaviour driven development. In this post I want to explain how we can implement and run cucumber and calabash for automating test cases for android applications. If you have not set-up your environment yet, you can read this post . You should also have an android virtual devices or a real devices that is connected to your computer in debugging mode. Your android version should be higher than 2.2.  If your system is ready for testing, you can clone the repository that I created for mobile test automation purposes. Sure, it may be more sophisticated if a real android developer develop something but from this application you can have a fresh starting. git clone You can check the images on the github so that get information what the application is looking like. Just open the project file and  look at the two important files in feature directory: cala

What Reminds from Continous Devilery and Design Conference by Thoughtworks

The conference was hold on September 11, 2014 in İstanbul, Turkey. I want to briefly explain the importance of the conference and what was learnt from it. Thoughtworks, as a well-known consultancy firm in the world, has entered the Turkey's software market. This means that there will be something changes in software industry since there are lots of consultancy firm in Turkey and they have got one more competitor. However this is not an ordinary competitor, they may possibly bring lots of experiences and different kind of consulting culture from the other consultancy firms.  What is the situation in Turkey? As I mention, there are lots of software / test consultancy firm but majority of them work as providing developers / tester to companies to work as outsourced . Therefore the guys generally fell alone when doing their jobs because there is generally no technical supports for them to improve their abilities. Also the major problem in Turkey is software development process.

Happy Tester's Day

Be happy guys! We have a day for celebration. Yes, it is today as September 9 which is celebrating as tester's day . The origin of the story goes to the finding first bug in the system. Actually this bug is not a bug we find in the software, it was a real bug which was stuck and dead in the cables. And then it led some flaws on the computer Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator at Harvard University on September 9, 1945.  You can see very famous and first bug report in the picture below.    However, the first time the term "bug" was used Thomas Alva Edison for describing a trouble in a system in the letter written to Theodora Puskas  in 1878. And later on, he used the term "bug" for explanation about a problem in his  phonograph when he gave an interview for the Pall Mall Gazette in 1889 according to the the Yale Book of Quotations .

Mobile Test Automation: Calabash, Cucumber

Mobile test automation is just another era for test automation since the trends for mobile devices are increasing. For more sophisticated testing approach, we should apply the technics what we have learnt from the test automation for desktop/web applications. As test automation is a part of continuos development, it should be run after each commit to test environment. For mobile application we can use the same method to be more responsible.  Cucumber is used describe the test cases and it very easy to understand for anyone so we can use it for user behaviour as behaviour driven development, BDD . Capybara is a library to simulate user behaviour for just web application. However we can use Calabash for mobile test automation.  It means that we can use Calabash and Cucumber together for mobile test automations. As in Capybara, in Calabash there are not much functions to learn. It has basically, finding element, inserting text into textEdit fields, clicking and assertion function