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Fix for Calabash-android Run INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED exception

When you set-up a new android devices or update your .apk file, you may possible get INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED exception: android.util.AndroidException: INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED: at at at at at Method) at To fix this issue you can follow the instruction below: Create new folder Copy your .apk file into the newly created folder go to your newly created folder and run this command to create calabash-android project calabash-android gen run calabash-android via your new devices calabash-android run latest.apk features ADB_DEVICE_ARG= resign .apk

Tools for Screenshot Comparison Testing: Huxley, Wraith, Selenium-Wraith

Testing the user interface (UI) testing may be the most difficult part of test automation. When we think from the perspective of users there are not hundreds but there may be thousands of different users' environment but it is clear that simulating and testing UI related cases for all possible users' environment is impossible! However we can cover easily the %80 of them by using statistical data taken from analytics tools as Pareto Analysis says 20% of reasons cause the %80 of all problem. If you are doing some kind of internet business, there are two important factors for user environments which are operating system and browsers for normal internet users.  Therefore analytic tools should give us feedback about operating system and versions of operating system; browsers and versions of browsers. To get a general trend we can look at the statistic but sure it is more convenient to take your own statistic depends on your user profile. In general approach