Fix for Calabash-android Run INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED exception

When you set-up a new android devices or update your .apk file, you may possible get INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED exception:

android.util.AndroidException: INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED:
 at Method)

To fix this issue you can follow the instruction below:

  1. Create new folder
  2. Copy your .apk file into the newly created folder
  3. go to your newly created folder and run this command to create calabash-android project
    calabash-android gen
  4. run calabash-android via your new devices
    calabash-android run latest.apk features ADB_DEVICE_ARG=
  5. resign .apk if you need
    calabash-android resign latest.apk
  6. return to your main project folder and run your test cases as usual:
    calabash-android run latest.apk features ADB_DEVICE_ARG=
  7. You can delete your newly your created folder


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