Open Source Testing Tools:

Test Automation

Third generation test automation tool for both GUI and Web application projects. This is the first free GUI test automation tool. You can easily record automation script and customize it then replay.

You can download the JAutomate here.

Performance Testing Tools
LoapUI is an open source performance testing tools for load test, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. LoadUI has a nice user interface, it is easy to use and the most atractive feature is that while it is running you can add  new performance parameters or new test case or you can change the load without stopping and you can add new indicator to the graphics.

You can download from here

SoapUI :
SoapUI is an open source performance testing toolsfor web service performance test, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Although SoapUI is designed to test the performance of web services but we can also perform laod test by right clicking a test case and adding a new load test. The Difference between LoadUI and SoapUI is that performance test case can be created by existing functional test in the SoapUI so creation process is easier and faster than the way in LoadUI. You can find more details in the following following tables which are obtained from its offical web page (for more information click here):

SoapUI Pro is a cheap licensed version, it has 30 days for trials. The basic differences between the SoapUI and SoapUI Pro are the Pro version has more functionality for reporting and provides scripting library.

For more information: click here

Jmeter is an open source performance testing tool. It is written by Apache in Java programming language. It lets users find many features for dynamic and static resources, it is available for Windows, Linux.
Dowload via İTÜ mirror server: click here
Command to install on Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install jmeter-java


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