How to Update Selenium Webdriver for Windows

As I tried to explain in my previous posts Selenium is an automation framework for web application and Webdriver is the newer version of Selenium RC. I have used Selenium Webdriver for automatizing web application with version of selenium-2.25.0-py2.7.egg which prepared for the Python. However there are newer version this Webdriver package.In this post I explain how to update Webdriver version on Windows.

If you check the site-packages folder where the Webdriver installation folders are present, you can see the related folder. In this folder there is which is used upgrading. If you can't find this file first you need you install setuptool.

To update the Selenium version, you can follow the instruction below:
  1. Check easy_install file in the directory like as C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages if there is easy_install go to next step, if you don't have it install setuptools from here.
  2. Download Selenium newer version from here. Select the link what language you have used. For Python and Selenium version 2.35.0 use this link.
  3. Extract the tar file in your site_packages folder as selenium-2.35.0
  4. Open cmd and navigate your site-packages folder and run the following command:
    • C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages> selenium-2.35.0
  5. Check the file like as selenium-2.35.0-py2.7.egg, then you can delete the selenium-2.35.0 


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