Demands on Testing is Increased

Testing is a key element for software development life cycle (SDLC), the success of testing process can rescue projects from project risks. This awareness leads firms to increase their testing activities by means of having more qualified people and better testing process. Actually the firms are spending more budget for testing activity because of the competitions.

The recent search which is made by Capgemini, Sogeti and HP, about the software testing resource of the firms, shows that comparing the 2012, in 2013 demands on testing is increased. As the beginning of this research, they are saying "As customers demand high performance, error-free application, organization are increasing their budgets and more testing functions are centralized." Let's look at the picture. 

  • Since last year 18% of budget is spent on testing, this year it is increased to 23% of budget. Since last year 41% of the budget is spent on transformational project, this year it is increased to 46%. These show that this year testing has more budget.
  • Since last year 51% percent of the application are produced as in-house project, this year 41% percent of the application are developed as in-house project. Since last year 8% of organizations have centralized testing function, this year it is increased to 26% of the organization. There is a significant increase on the percentage of having test-center-of-excellence (TCOE), which is 6% to 19%. This is excellence! These infos show that testing organization are becoming more professional.
  • By increasing the number of mobile application, needs for mobile testing increase. The number on issue for mobile testing is performance with 59%, and the second one is security by 56% which is 18% for the last year. These show that mobile testing is becoming more important issue.
However these are very important steps in software testing, there are still more steps to take the testing one level forward. The main problem is "test environment". Never forget that the success of the testing is as far as the success of the test environment.
  • These search show that 13% of the projects are tested by production data, 55% of test environment has lack of management, 16% of project were tested by the data created on ad-hoc since the last year it is 5%. 
  • Another setback for the testing success is having starting testing near to deadline which means that there is not enough time for testing, and testing is thought to be performed just in the end. In this search 45% of the organization start testing after development finished.
To reach this study please click the this link.
To reach summary (infografik) of the search click this link.


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