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capycon - New Ruby GEM for Running Capybara on Console

Testing is enjoyable if you are using the right tools and technologies, of-course you also need to understand the philosophy behind the testing. I generally use testing tools interactively to try different options that the tool you are using gives as alternatives. For Selenium and Capybara, I have scripts to run get to get them ready on my console, you can read more this post for Windows and this for Unix-like. Under the quarantine days, I wanted to create a Ruby GEM for any want to get Capybara experience on the console for their project. 

Capycon is simple, the short version of Capybara-Console, a GEM file so you can install it by:
gem install capycon
To use it, open your terminal and switch irb or pry and then require the capycon, then you use all the functionality of the Capybara on the console. See the following steps;
~/P/p/c/capy_con (master ⚡→☡) pry [1] pry(main)>[2] pry(main)>require"capycon"****************************************** capycon -CAPYB…