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capycon - New Ruby GEM for Running Capybara on Console

Testing is enjoyable if you are using the right tools and technologies, of-course you also need to understand the philosophy behind the testing. I generally use testing tools interactively to try different options that the tool you are using gives as alternatives. For Selenium and Capybara, I have scripts to run get to get them ready on my console, you can read more this post for Windows and this for Unix-like . Under the quarantine days, I wanted to create a Ruby GEM for any want to get Capybara experience on the console for their project.  Capycon is simple, the short version of Capybara-Console, a GEM file so you can install it by: gem install capycon To use it, open your terminal and switch irb or pry  and then require the capycon , then you use all the functionality of the Capybara on the console. See the following steps; ~ /P/ p / c / capy_con (master ⚡→☡ ) pry [ 1 ] pry(main) > [ 2 ] pry(main) > require "capycon" * * * * * * *